Saturday, February 12, 2011

I guess i could do a new post on why I have been absent for a year. Well I will tell you. I am one lazy fucking bitch. end of story. Facebook, Twitter have kept me busy. I neglect my first source of expression. I know, I know i am a Cunt.

I will now post on a song from my early 20's. OK OK mid 20's. The Flys Got you where I wany you.

I saw this band and they were OK. but back in like 98 i thought these dudes were so fucking hot.
I do remember when I posted all the time. I liked a blog by a young guy named Bil. I believe it was called The Tife and Limes of Bil. But now I see it is blocked. but I did love the way he wrote. I also know prior to me getting blocked he was going in to the Marines. I hope he did OK.
Well what can I say. I have been way fucking absent. So much has changed. I don't know where to begin.

Why even start this blog is toast.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

I know i have been absent for a while now and that is for mant reasons which I can not get into now. Any way.....

Fuck all the assholes that dont have a clue.

Tiger Woods
a Kardashian
any fool in Jersey Shore
and last but not least fuck Obamas Health care Plan

I have insurance I do not want to have to float fools who don't.
i like to think about silly stuff. shit even insane stuff. tell me how the hell is Sarah Palin popular. not that i 18% disagree with her but hse is just silly just like you are bffs with a special needs kid until you get to high school.

sad part is we always diss the special needs kid
wanna know what i think about shit
TRY me mother fuckers

I am all psyched to get back into this
I had a real shitty 2009. my fater died my aunt died jesuse my fucking cat died. fuck it assholes i am back
try me
sorry to say but Elin Woods is one tough bitch

Friday, May 02, 2008


Here is my fuck you list for the first 5 months of 2008

1.. Elliot Spitzer. you made NY look like shit
2.. The parking enforcement in my neighborhood....2 tickets in 2 Weeks fuck you
3.. The cult in Texas....why
4.. That dude in Austria that had is daughter in the basement for like 20 some odd years. Why did he wife allow that shit.
5.. Paris Hilton.. cause since she went to jail and got out she has not been doing dumb shit so now what do i do.
6.. Gas that is a whole new post
7.. Any one running for president
8.. the fact getting a passport in the US is way hard

so fuck all of that

late gators i know not my best work but i have been busy working so hard so i can take half my fucking paycheck and put it in my 04 Camry



I have been following the election process in the US and it is almost sickening

I am a republican hate me if you will but i am not voting for any Democrat that is thrust in my lap at this point.


that statement is true.. Thanks Micheal Savage.

So good luck to all that is voting cause that shit is a tough choice.

Obama is Al Quida and Hillary is an anrgy lesbian, not that there is shit wrong with lesbos but i will say that most are not that angry.

I am throwing my towel in i cant take this shit anymore.

I need a country to move to so i ask all readers even though i have not been posting cause i am way busy, i need a new country to live in cause id obama or clinton is my president i need to go

any suggestion would be fine

sorry it has been so long but man i do have a fcuking busy life
so i will be back soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I know, I know. I have not been posting like all fucking summer. Well the reason for that, there really is no reason for that. I have been really fucking lazy and truly uninspired.

I always hate to disappoint my readers. They love to come here and see me have diarrhea of the mouth and spout off on just about anything.

I will say this Paris Hilton finding god after jail, has really left my rantings at a minimal. Britney does not even get me angry she is too white trash anyway.

I apologize greatly for not being here.

So here is a quick list of my Summer:

1. Drank a lot
2. Slept a lot (due to the drinking)
3. Traveled a little
4. Gambled a little.
5. Lost money due to gambling which caused the drinking
6. Had a little fling
7. Lost that little fling
8. Back to work with no more vacation for 6 months
9. Sad face

so there it is in a nutshell. If you would like me to elaborate on any of the top Nine Items leave a comment.

If you want me to spout off about anything or anyone leave it in a comment. As I said since Paris found god, I got nothing.

I will give you the Fuck you list for this week though:

1. People who use the term "Uber" I really fucking hate that
2. My boss
3. Road construction that broke my muffler
4. Men that DON'T call when they say they are
5. Men that you DON'T want to call that call all the time
6. Emo's (just learned that word and I do not think I like these people)
7. Me for not posting
8. Cellphone contracts

So until next time (which could be months)


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Where the fuck have I been you ask. Well I just finished a stint in the county jail for DUI. I figured that it was the cool thing to do.

No Really I have been on vacation. Living it up in NYC, and Atlantic City.

So Dyck here it is I updated my fucking blog.

The Fuck you list for this week is:

1. Paris(always on the list and I saw your cunt ass on Larry King)
2. Honda dealership (love the car hate your service)
3. Waste management for picking up garbage twice this week (WHY?)
4. Construction at local grocery store (can't find a damn thing)
5. My boss

I will add 1 thank you this week:

1. Thanks to that nice man, to remain nameless, at Atlantic City for making me have an awesome night! I owe you.


Friday, June 08, 2007




Fuck you you crying bitch. You did the crime now do the fucking time.

Weren't crying when you were driving drunk. Not crying while you were driving drunk in you 100,000 dollar Bentley.

So listen here little girl suck it up and deal with what you have to deal with.

I really have nothing more to say than look at the picture

Friday, June 01, 2007


I have a burning question? I has been on my mind for about a week now. I need someone to explain to me why.

OK here goes. Why? When I hit the snooze button on my alarm it is only for 9 minutes?

I believe a good "snooze" takes longer than 9 minutes.

In America when we have millions of choices on million of things. We only get 1 choice on how long the snooze goes for.

I believe that when I go to buy an alarm clock I should get the choice between 9 minutes up to a 1 hour snooze.

When I go buy booze there are a billion bottles to choose from at the liquor store. Why not when buying an alarm

I thought this was America.

OK now if anyone out there has an alarm clock with a snooze longer than 9 minutes, maybe we could work out a trade.

List of things that bugged me today:

1. the snooze alarm
2. humidity
3. gas prices only went down 1 cent (fuck you 1 cent what am I going to do with a penny)
4. work
5. the fact that beer prices went up due to gas prices (do the trucks run on Budweiser)
6. tuberculosis

Have a good weekend !!!!